What is MAUTOMA?

The world of board games is expanding. Every year new people approach this world and one of the new trends is the presence of solo modes, as an almost essential feature Most of the recently published games already provide this possibility, while almost all the great classics do not have the solitaire mode. We aim to fill this void, creating variants of the most beautiful boardgames, to allow fans to play them also when it is not possible to meet with friends. MAUTOMA is the name given by Mauro Gibertoni to his creations. MAUTOMA is the union between the name Mauro and the word Automa, the opponent you have to beat by playing one of these modes.

Why play with Mautoma?

I know that a boardgame should be played with friends, but sometimes friends are not available, sometimes you buy games that only you like, sometimes you feel frustrated because you always lose that game. Well, next time you could play against Mautoma to test new strategies or to play the game you like or simply to spend an otherwise boring evening.