Thank you

I think it's time to do some thanks. I opened this site about 3 months ago and have received feedback and support from many people since then. Players who appreciate solitaires are not few and are certainly increasing, also due to the current pandemic. I am therefore happy to have contributed to bringing some fun into their homes with the Mautomas.

So I want to thank first of all the people who contribute by translating the rulebooks into their own language. In this regard, I must mention in particular Soeren Textor (muffmolch on BGG) which has translated many rulebooks in german and recently updated the Mombasa Mautoma, which you can already find on the site.

I would also like to thank Hipszki László who provided the latest Brass Birmingham rulebook in hungarian, which is also available now.

Just Brass Birmingham was the most translated Mautoma. Now it has six translations and has aroused a lot of interest in the community on BGG. This makes me proud as it has been one of the jobs that has taken me the hardest.

I also thank the people who contribute to the broadacast of Mautoma through reviews on web portals and playthroughs on YouTube channels.

Finally, I thank all of you who do the most important thing, PLAY! We hope to return as soon as possible to play with our friends, but in the meantime a Mautoma can keep you company :)


See you soon