Why a new concept of Mautoma?

Railroad Revolution is a highly strategic game.Players acquire several objectives during the game and must plan their actions in order to realize their goals at the highest level. The final scorong depends heavily on what is built and where it is built. If you make moves that are not in line with your goals you will lose a lot of points. I wanted the Mautoma to be able to calculate its final score in exactly the same way as a human player, since the soul of the game is to reward the pursuit of players own strategies.

But a "classic" automa, which determines its moves randomly, is not a valid solution it would waste its energy in suboptimal moves. So I developed a deckbuilding system: the Mautoma starts the game with a reduced set of cards and it enriches its action deck during the game in relation to the performance tiles it acquires. So, the action deck contains only action cards that are synergistic with the objectives of Mautoma.

There is also another peculiarity: the actioin deck is never shuffled! In this way, Mautoma remains constantly focused on its strategies and tends to carry out the strategies it has decided to follow at the beginning of the game, while it will make the best of the strategies acquired in the last part of the game, without ever wasting moves. It calculates his score exactly like a human player and is quite hard to beat.